Muni’s Mosaics Community Partnership

Mahemuda Arsalani (also known as Muni) is a self-taught mosaic artist based in Peterborough, – who works mainly with glass and ceramic tiles, millefiore, beads and pebbles, to create vibrant and colourful indoor and outdoor mosaics.

The mosaic planters were designed by Muni and created with the help of over 100 visitors to Brotherhood Shopping Park, who were mostly complete beginners to mosaic. Muni then developed the mosaics into what you see today!

The mural represents a celebration of the community who came together, alongside their family and friends across generations to help create this masterpiece.

We hope you enjoy spending time in the community space and look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Please note this is a glass tile mosaic. While every effort has been made to remove any sharp elements, please do not touch the tiles.